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Helping Out

Some of you may remember the tragedy that happened in one of the villages about a year and a half ago where one of our student's had a father suddenly pass away. Last week his mom, who is now running the coffee farm on her own, had three of her fingers cut off in a hopper.

This happened right during the harvest so our dorm staff decided that they would put together a team of students and head up to the village to help her bring in her coffee harvest.

The students were able to pick 1,764 lbs. of coffee cherries in two days and start the processing! Jumbo's mom was so grateful and thankful that Seed of Hope staff and kids could come and help her during this extremely difficult time.

What a way to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are so proud of our kids and staff!

Helping out on his Momma's farm.

Pawn making lunch for the workers.

Breaking for lunch

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