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The Seed of Hope project provides a dormitory that currently houses 33 hill-tribe students from remote villages in Northern Thailand.  The purpose of the dorm is to provide a safe place for the students to live while they attend Thai public school, teach sustainable life skills, spiritual formation and to take steps to apply for Thai citizenship if not yet acquired.


















The story begins when Ryan and Rebecca Stowell along with their two boys, Tyler and Caleb, moved from their small town in Colorado to Thailand in 2012 to help manage a conference center. 

After living in Thailand for 8 months they invited two Akha girls to live with their family so they would have room and board while attending vocational college.  During this time the Stowells discovered that one of the girls was stateless, having no citizenship in any country.  The other girl's dad & mom, Lawpa & Bairak, were housing 24 hilltribe students so they could receive a basic education.  He was struggling to make ends meet for the dorm.  

During the years a friendship formed with Lawpa and Bairak and the Stowells could see that their hearts were for the marginalized people of Thailand. Lawpa asked the Stowells if they would consider helping his family provide a safe place for hilltribe students to board while attending school.  After much prayer, the Stowells and Lawpa's family started the Seed of Hope project under the Family Connection Foundation in February of 2015.












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