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A PIGtastrophy and Covid Update

Caution: before proceeding be aware that below are disturbing pictures for the young, animal lovers or the faint of heart.

Let's start with a covid update. Despite the extreme caution Thailand has been taking, the covid numbers are slowly climbing up. We are now on our third wave, maybe fourth, as I've lost track. As of last week they have shut down certain businesses and implemented a curfew again. We were informed today that the school will be shut down until the end of the month when they will reassess the cases. So pray for our staff and the kids families as we navigate all this. Please pray for the kids as they try to do their school work outside the classroom setting. Thankfully we had just purchased a few new computers last week for the kids to work on.

Fa helping the students with their school work.

Now on to our PIGtastrophy. Our pigs at the dorm were doing so great and were reproducing so well. And then a disease hit hard in the valley. Pigs were dying left and right at other farms in the area and it wasn't long before our SOH farm was hit too. One by one the pigs hit the dust. This has been extra hard on Bairak who works so hard to care for all the animals.

We lost 26 pigs, which included breeders, a nursing momma and a good size batch of piglets. Money wise we lost right around $2,300 USD worth of pigs! Many of them were going to end up on the table for the kids but we would have sold some of them as well in order to bring income to the dorm. Pork and rice are the main staple in Thailand so this has been devastating on many levels.

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