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Happy New Year 2021

Thank you to everyone who helped make a very special Christmas celebration for the kids and community. There was not the usual crowded celebration because of covid but it was still a special time.

Because of so many generous donors and child sponsors, the dorm was able to not only purchase individual gifts for each student but was also able to purchase a slide/swing set, gifts for the community youth group kids that attend bible study once a week at the dorm, a financial bonus for the local staff and gifts for the community that comes for many of our events.

Two of our dorm staff, Pawn (Lawpa's daughter) and Fa (doing internship with Seed of Hope for her final semester at Payap University), going to market to shop for the special day.

Christmas gifts are ready!

The new slide/swing! The kids (and staff) LOVE it.

Merry Christmas 2020

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