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Graduation and Coronavirus 2020

Welcome to the Seed of Hope's new blog! In our first posting we would like to tell you about graduation 2020 at the dorm.

Because of the coronavirus the graduation ceremonies for all the high schools were canceled this year. Though the fear of the virus swept over the entire world, we held a celebration at the dorm as usual to celebrate the hard work of our students.

This year we had 8 students graduating!

2 from the 6th grade

2 from the 9th grade

2 from the 12th grade and

2 from college

In Thailand finishing school through the 6th grade is a big deal so it is recognized and celebrated. Many students choose to quit school after the 9th grade and government provided tuition stops at this step. From grades 10-12, tuition is required even at government provided public schools. Finishing the 9th grade is a celebrated milestone.

Our two seniors were Pon and Chai. They will be going on to college taking advantage of the education funds from the living hope education fund. Pon would like to study business and Chinese and Chai would like to study political science.

Pawn and Wit finished college! In Thailand the king comes to every college graduation at the public colleges to hand out the diplomas. Because of this, the graduation ceremonies are backed up about a year meaning they will not have an official ceremony until next year. But they have officially completed their degrees. Pawn in English and management and Wit in Chinese and business.

Congratulations to each of our students! We are very proud of the hard work you have poured into your schooling.

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1 Comment

Mar 15, 2020

Congratulations to our graduates. It was a great celebration.

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