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In 2015, the Seed of Hope became a government regulated dormitory under the Family Connection Foundation located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  

Learn about the foundation at:



In December of 2015 we started raising funds for the purchase of land so the Seed of Hope project would have a permanent and secure location.  By the end of the first week in March 2016, all of the funds were raised for the land purchase!



Now that the land is purchased, electricity & water have been installed.  A septic system will be the next project on the land. The cost for the septic is approximately  $5,000 USD.  Our goal is to have this work done by the end of 2016.



We will build six building structures on the land including dorms, manager's house, septic system, well and education center.  Each building will be an average cost of $9,000 USD, making a total of $46,500 USD needed.  All the funds were raised for this and building has started the first of 2017!





The students are receiving public education in Thai language.  The students are given opportunity  to study their tribal language as well as English at the Seed of Hope dorm.



Education and Trades

We highly encourage the students to go on to university or vocational school.  There are scholarships available to them through the Living Hope Fund.  There is opportunity to donate to this fund so that more kids can go to the university each year.  The cost of university tuition for one year is an average of $2,000 USD.  If you would like to give to the Living Hope Fund for this specific purpose to help with education, mail your tax deductible gifts to:


Covenant Trust Company

8303 W. Higgins Rd 6th floor

Chicago, IL. 60631

Memo line: Living Hope Donor Fund 




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